Steve Pickering

I first heard about Nick through a business breakfast group we both belong and he introduced himself and gave the group a lot of great information about his services.

Nick was great not just for myself but also helping my son with getting a successful first home mortgage which can be tricky.  Nick sorted out my personal insurance and now we’re both really pleased to have those done and dusted with a lot of help and advice from a real professional. 

Working with Nick has been great.  He’s very easy to work with and is always there for those awkward questions. Believe me I had plenty. I have dealt with a lot of salespeople in business and I have from time to time had a lot of promises that are just not followed up. One of Nick’s biggest strengths is his reliability and being completely trustworthy. 

With Nick if he says he will do it, it's done.

I'm fussy about being asked question that I feel are pointless and I let Nick know that and he made sure he was clear about what he was telling me and put up with my idiosyncrasies.  That speaks volumes to me. 

We’re very pleased with the overall results after working with Nick, both my son and I.  We both got a no fuss experience with Nick. I would and already have recommended him to others which says a lot. 

Mortgages, Insurances