The Number One Priority = Client’s Needs; Always

If you ask Nick what is the best part about being a Financial Advice Provider, the answer would be helping others with their financial well being so they can get on with enjoying life to the full.

If you need professional mortgage advice and who to go to that offers you the best deal; then Nick knows who to talk to and how to arrange it. If it means protecting yourself, your business and your family, then Nick sits down with you and simply explains what each insurance product does so you can make the best choice.

If you want investment advice, that includes KiwiSaver, once again the personal one-on-one approach means you get comprehensive (though not overcomplicated or drawn-out) information.

With over 25 years experience in Insurance and Investments and 20 plus years in mortgages, and having obtained Level 5 NZ Certificate in Financial Services (Financial Advice), shows clear dedication and commitment towards helping and serving the community with their financial needs. Being a member of  Financial Advice New Zealand, offers peace of mind that you are dealing with a dependable expert who continuously gains support and expertise across the three levels of financial services; insurance, investment and mortgages.

Smarter personal financial planning can be your guaranteed formula for a healthier and wealthier portfolio. Plan ahead with Nick Green Financial
it could be your best investment yet.

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