Fundamentally insurance is there to protect you, your assets and your family.  What many people aren’t told is if you don’t get the correct insurance advice first, when it comes to claim time you might be in for a nasty surprise.

That’s why trained and qualified insurance advisers are always the best people to talk to and that’s exactly why you need to talk to us.

Being too busy or being in denial that nothing is going to happen to you or your assets doesn’t pay out when you find yourself most in need of cover.  Whether you want income insurance protection, personal and general insurance or business insurance we can deliver a master protection plan.

We advise and help you with the following insurances:

Life & Health Insurances

  • Business Loan Protection - To assist with the repayment of business debt
  • Key Person Insurance - Protecting your business by insuring your key people
  • Group Schemes - For companies who wish to offer a group scheme for their employees
  • Family Protection - Family Protection provides your family with a monthly income, instead of one lump sum
  • Trauma Cover - in the event that you suffer specified critical illnesses or trauma, a lump sum can be made available upon diagnosis
  • Medical Insurance - We offer a range of products to help you cover the costs of hospitalisation and other specified medical procedures
  • Income Protection Insurance - Look after your lifestyle by protecting your ability to earn
  • Total and Permanent Disablement - What happens if you get hurt permanently, how would you and your family live?

General Insurances

  • Business Insurance - Material Damage and Business Interruption are the policies that form the basis of every business insurance programme; covering fire, theft, accidental damage, loss of profits, wages, book debts and operational costs. Combined with Liability lines these are fundamental to the survival of your business
  • Liability Insurance - Liability policies are critical for the survival of any business that performs professional work, services or offers design, advice and consultancy
  • Constructions Insurance - We can assist you in determining what your construction and engineering exposures are and help you make a plan to protect yourself
  • Rental Property Insurance - Let us help you minimize the risk of owning a rental property. There are great products out there to cover your investment

It’s time you made getting full protection a priority.  Thinking about what can (and does) go wrong won’t kill you.  Having peace of mind and having all your affairs taken care of is a huge part of living well. 

Nick Green Financial Services will help you choose wisely.  Talk to us on 06 368 8175.  With over 25 years experience it pays to get expert advice from a qualified adviser who can offer a range of options.

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